Venus stone granite mines in Mashhad

The largest factory and permanent exhibition of construction stones is under construction near the Mashhad-Friman road, and its special machines will be transferred and installed on site and operated in the near future.

about us

Venus Stone Granite Mashhad, managed by Mr. Kazem Amiri, with more than 20 years of experience, is the largest producer of pearl granite in Mashhad and the owner of the Parsian pearl granite mine franchise, located at km 5 of the Mashhad-Nishabor road.

Venus stone granite of Mashhad is a part of cotton flower stones and has a gray theme and small white and black graining. Pearl granite of Mashhad has a relatively high water absorption and is one of the cheapest light granite stones in Iran, and its use in parking lot paving, internal walls, and its cube is suitable for furnishing the outdoor space.

Mashhad pearl granite, if used on the outside, absorbs water during rain, and therefore, it will take time to return to its original color based on the weather conditions.

Mashhad pearl granite is processed in the form of sanded, flaked, cubic and stone tables, and bright color, uniformity, reasonable price and mass production are the most prominent features of this stone.

It should be mentioned that Venus granite mines of Mashhad have rich and vast reserves and by using modern and advanced industrial machines and processes, efforts have been made to maintain the superiority in product quality and make the prices of products competitive. .

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